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imagine, design, plant and preserve

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Today with sustainability being a vital component of landscaping, our mission is to work with the gifts nature has provided to develop gardens that are creative, visually pleasing and environmentally friendly… landscaping that endures.


Our focus is creative landscaping that brings artistry, form and style to the garden space.  Every landscape space receives the required attention and detail to achieve its potential, from concept and design through project development and finishing touches. 

Landscape and garden planning
  • Natural or formal landscape settings

  • Outdoor living space gardens

  • Renovations, restoration, and new landscape plantings

  • Low maintenance gardens

  • Water gardens, healing spaces, butterfly/bird gardens, small gardens

  • Vegetable and herb gardens | annual, perennials and garden roses



  • Organic landscaping

  • Native plants used in our plantings

  • Plants selected for seasonal interest in color and texture

  • Natural stone to accent the landscape garden

  • Structures: arbors, pergolas and trellises for vines, shade and garden privacy

  • Garden elements: garden art, pots/urns reflecting our client’s personality in their garden



“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”     

~Lao Tzu

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