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Certified Backflow Inspection

Husney’s Landscape & Irrigation - Ohio Certified Backflow Testing


What is Backflow?                                              

Irrigation systems may create a cross-connection between the drinkable water system and non-drinkable water system.  An irrigation system can create a situation where non-drinkable water could backflow into a drinkable water system.



Backflow Device Protects You

A backflow device is installed on your irrigation system. This device prevents a cross-connection from occurring between the drinkable water system at your home or facility. The backflow device prevents the outside water to your sprinkler system from backing up and entering into your drinking water.

Certified Irrigation Backflow Testers


The irrigation system backflow device should be tested by a certified backflow tester upon installation, after repair or relocation and at least annually.


Annual Testing Required


After an approved backflow prevention device has been installed and tested, it must be tested annually by individuals who have been certified by the State of Ohio.


Husney’s Landscape & Irrigation certified backflow testers: 

~ Art Dunger

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