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Water Solutions

Water as a valuable resource


Our water solutions program is designed to provide an analysis of sprinkler system design in order to provide recommendations for water savings and operating efficiency.


  • Current design evaluation

  • Water saving components recommendations

  • Programming advice to help maintain healthy lawn and plants



Common issues that often go undetected

  • Improperly functioning sprinkler components

  • Sunken sprinkler heads that do not operate properly

  • Misaligned spray patterns that throw water onto hardscape surfaces

  • Broken or missing sprinkler components can result in significant water waste

  • Controllers that are not programmed properly to ensure efficient use of water

  • Lack of rain sensor to shut off automatic sprinkling when rain occurs


Design issues that can result in waste of water

  • Systems, where sprinklers are improperly spaced, will result in poor water distribution.  Dry spots or overwatering may result.

  • Insufficient operating pressure can lead to water loss through wind drift or poor coverage by sprinklers.

  • Low water pressure is generally caused by insufficient static water pressure and/or pressure loss through older or inefficient valves, meters, piping and other components.

Understanding good water practices

  • controller programming advice for efficient use of water

  • proper time of day to water and when not to water

  • program run times evaluated  to help promote lawn and plant health

  • advising clients on controller use


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